Free Graphics

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Free-to-use pixel art graphics for your blog or Neocities page or whatever!

These assets are free for non-commercial use. That means you're welcome to use them for your personal blog theme, or on your Neocities page, or as a profile icon, or anything like that. You can't bundle them up and upload them for sale. You can't include them in a commercial website, or any other commercial project.

Credit is optional, but appreciated! If you're using these on a Neocities page, you can use my banner to link back to my site.

Dumpling Bug

Pikachu Gifs 2020

These are not pixel art and I just used a ripped model to make them but who's gonna stop me?

These are based on old geocities-era gifs. You can probably find the originals if you visit Gifcities and search for "Pikachu".

pikachu dancingpikachu balancingpikachu balancingpikachu dancing again

Animal Crossing Flowers


yellow roseorange rosered rosepink rosewhite rosepurple roseblack roseblue rose


red pansyyellow pansyorange pansywhite pansyblue pansypurple pansy

Tiling Backgrounds