Scrambled Eggs

serves one

Start a small non-stick pan warming up on medium heat.

Slice green onion - the whole thing, white and all. (Not the roots! Discard any weird withered bits!!)

Put butter and green onion both in the pan at the same time. While the onion softens up, crack two eggs into a bowl, add your choice of reasonings, and whisk lightly with a fork. It doesn’t need to be totally homogeneous. Salt and pepper is a good default; I mostly end up using the Fox Point blend from Penzey’s, but you really can just put whatever you think will taste good with eggs in there.

Add the eggs into the pan and use a heatproof silicone spatula (or whatever you have that’ll work) to kinda lightly scramble them up. You want kinda mid-sized curd on this. Once it starts to set, fold it up onto itself and immediately pull it off the heat and let it set in the pan for about a minute. You don’t want it completely set- the ideal texture for this is almost like there’s melted cheese in it, even though there isn’t.

Serve over buttered toast, or drop in some leftover veggies or potatoes or whatever you have hanging around while the green onion cooks.