pixel art and stuff


I'm Linnet. I like making things, and sometimes the nicest way to keep track of things I've made or learned about is a dedicated page. Sometimes the thing I made is the page itself!

I'm interested in nature, art, games, writing, and probably other things in any given moment.

This site takes its name from one of the very numerous common names of pillbugs.


1/1/2022: New year, new layout.

4/12/2021: Added the Recipes section.

8/22/2020: dancing pikachu gifs are now available in the freebies section

6/21/2020: Added a couple links and tidied the Links page formatting a little bit.

5/19/2020: Added the Links page.

5/7/2020: Freebies page updated with pansies and a couple tiling backgrounds, added a page for my notes on the glyphs in Rain World.

5/3/2020: Added this updates section, and the pixel art gallery page.

5/2/2020: Site created! Freebies page added! Roses added to freebies.